Hi there, my name is Rob.

I am from Germany and 28 years young. I founded nomadoholic in 2016 in order to tell you about my journeys around the world. I wanna offer you all insights and stories about the places I’ve been in the world. My work always accompanies me on every trip. To be more precise I am enjoying the live with all positives and negatives as a digital nomad. My friend and supporter are therefore always my laptop and the Internet

nomadoholic Robert Hoppe The last years passed by a lot of trips to different places in the world such as India, Thailand, Morocco or Indonesia. I’ve learned on these trips a lot about the positives and negatives of the life of a Digital Nomad. I want to provide you step by step all these insights I’ve got such as best locations for working or how to get the right SIM-Card for relaxed and proper Internet.

I will be a lot in Indonesia in the upcoming years since I’ve nice friends there and there are so many places to explore. I will therefore provide you a lot of information about my trips over there. But also other countries will follow for sure.

So enjoy browsing around my blog.