A normal day in Bangkok

I started very relaxed into yesterday morning with an omelette and great news: My luggage will be delivered until the afternoon to the hostel.


I used my free time until afternoon to work from the hostels restaurant. The Internet here is quite good but I still need a SIM-Card for being completely free. Since free WIFIs are always unreliable and when you need one you won’t find one.

Having fresh clothes is an amazing feeling after 48h without fresh clothes. I decided to go to the Weekend market in Bangkok which is an awesome opportunity for shopping and just for looking around. There a so many things such handcraft things, clothes or just food. For sure you are gonna buy some souvenirs for your beloved. The market is also cheaper then the tourist place Khao San Road.



After the weekend market I decided to get a two hour Thai Massage for relaxing. I advice to you that you are going to look for a massage shop outside the tourist spots. They charge you usually the half price – in my case it was 300 Baht. At Khao San Road they will charge you around 500-700 Baht just because they are on an expensive tourist location.

After the massage I got back using the public bus and by walking the rest. It was the first time for me to take the bus in Bangkok.


alle Bangkok Bus Routen findet ihr hier

It is super cheap to take the bus (7-20 Baht per route) and you will see some spots you never would. At the beginning it is quite confusing how to use the bus system without a map. But if you have the map (which is online available) it is quite easy to catch the bus near to you. One more thing: The busses will not automatically stop, you have to give them a signal with your hand at their bus stop.



Arriving at the hotel I deciced to work and finish some ToDos. After you had a massage, working is at another level. I was therefore quickly done with my work.

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