Abandoned Airplanes around Bali

We decided to do something special on Christmas. Visiting some abandoned airplanes around Bali is not a normal thing you usually do on Christmas and thats something exiting you should also do if you are in Bali. Currently I am aware of two airplane location around Bali

Abandoned Airplane #1

The first airplane we visited is east to find. When you pass the the airport and heading towards Nusa Dua, pay attention on your left side as you go along Bypass Ngurah Rai. Left beside Dunkin Donuts is an old white Boeing 737 aircraft. The plane is parked just so making it hard to comprehend as to why it is placed there. Some people believe that this airplane was planed to be converted into a restaurant. But it could also be one of these projects of Bali that would not be finished because the lack of money or focus.

Currently the plane can be easy accessed since the original wall around it broke down. Before you had to give some money to the security of the villa next to it to open the door for being able to walk around.

Abandoned Airplane Jimbaran Part 1

Abandoned Airplane Jimbaran Part 1
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Location: Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran

Abandoned Airplane #2

Leaving the first spot behind we directly headed to next airplane around the Jalan Nasa Dua Selatan road. Unfortunately, it seems that to many people went to the airplane there and the direct access is closed. I tried once to convince the security letting us in for around five minutes but he denied. Luckily there is another option which costs you around 5000 IDR. Some Indonesians made a “business” by having there a small stand with selling drinks and charging you some money for going up. It’s not worth the discussion (since they are not really the owner of the land) for the 5000 IDR. Walking one minute up you’ll be able to view the airplane from the top of the hill and make some nice pictures.

Abandoned Airplane South Kuta Part 1

Abandoned Airplane South Kuta Part 1
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Location: South Kuta, along the Jalan Nasa Dua Selatan road. 5 Minutes way from Pandawa Beach.

After the airplane we went straight to Pantai Pandawa which is only five minutes away from the abandoned airplane. It’s a nice beach but especially on weekends to crowded.

Many groups of people from all countries over the world are brought to this beach by buses. The beach is quite busy therefore and you won’t be able to get some great photos as you want since there are people everywhere.

Good to enjoy a fast coconut before going back ;). Thats what we did and some Christmas picture for back home.

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