Back again in Bali at the Smiling Frog

Garuda Flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta

I am back at the Smiling Frog in Bali again after my flight with Garuda Indonesia from Frankfurt to Bali. First of all a review of the flight with Garuda Indonesia.

The flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam was operated by KLM since it seems that Garuda only flies to Jakarta from Amsterdam. Flying with KLM comes always along with good service and spacey seats.

Only the flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta got unexpected less space for the legs. Overall if I have to compare Garuda to other Arabian airlines I have to rate it lower. Emirates for example comes with more spaces for your legs and a better service. The service at the the 13,5 hour flight seemed sometimes not that well organised with some chaos.

I’ve booked the Internet packet for 24hours which worked great (also operated by t-mobile similar to Etihad and you could use the same account). 24 hours are charged with around 21,00 Euro which is good as there are no traffic limitations. The only limit is that you can use only a single device at once. You have to log out your laptop for example wenn you want to use your phone.

We arrived 30 minutes earlier then estimated in Jakarta. A bit exhausted as in every flight we had to change to the new Terminal. The new Terminal at the Jakarta Airport is quite nice and good for relaxing. If you’re a BNI Card holder you can also enjoy their lounge for getting some food and drinks for free. The later flight was as I expected the quality originally from Garuda, a lot of space for your legs, good service and a modern airplane.

After checking in into my standard Hotel Beneyasa Beach Inn 2, I went straight to my favourite place in Bali, the Smiling Frog Restaurant.

Beneyasa Beach Inn 2

The Smiling Frog offers great food and good Internet for working as a digital nomad with affordable prices. The staff there is really good and friendly. The places upstairs offer you great working conditions without being disturbed, the plus one is that they also have some power plugs around to charge your devices.

Tomorrow we will do the usual preparations, topping up the Pulsa, renting a motor bike and so on.

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