Buying a Vespa in Bali

I started to collect Vespas around four years ago starting with my small project in Sumbawa. Since then I was able to get four Vespas in different conditions from the 1970s. Since they are in Sumbawa I always wanted my own motorbike – especially a Vespa in Bali. It’s more fund and cool to drive around with a classic Vespa instead of a brand new Honda Vario. Additionally, I was searching for a long time now for a affordable Vespa from the 1960s. They are starting to become rarely available in good condition and this raises their price currently to an average of around 20-25 million IDR. I was checking out a Sell&Buy Vespa Facebook group since two months and finally someone offered some good looking ones.

Vespa Shop in Denpasar

My friend from the Smiling Frog helped me talk with the vespa mechanic in Denpasar which put the offer of some Vespas online. He joined me also on the way to the mechanic since my Bahasa Indonesia is not that good for negotiation. We arrived at the mechanics place and his stock was great. Many different Vespa models from the 1960s and I found a white VBA from 1962 with an affordable price for me.

Checking out the Vespa VBA from 1962

Buying a motorbike in Indonesia means that the owner needs to hand you over the BPKB Book which is somehow the proof of ownership. Don’t buy a motorbike if the owner cannot hand it over since the motorbike could be stolen or is still in some loan contract.

BPKB Front
BPKB Inside Page 1

Further, when you buy a Vespa in Bali try to ensure that it already has an DK number and a STNK that is alive. If that’s not available, you have to spend additional time and money for being able to drive around officially without any problems when the police stops you. Unfortunately, my Vespa didn’t get both and therefore I have to wait around one month. Anyway, to drive around with it later.

Since the Vespa was staying around for a while the mechanic offered to to do a full check of the engine and other things. I did a small prepayment to ensure the deal. He promised to bring the Vespa to the Smiling Frog in the afternoon of the next day.

So I spend my whole day working at the Smiling Frog while waiting for the afternoon and the Vespa. Time is passing fast when you have something todo. The food and service was good as always.

Working at the Smiling Frog in Bali

Everything went fine and my Vespa arrived with the mechanic on the Smiling Frog. After checking things, I found some small things that need to be repaired or adjusted. But we planned to fixing them on another day because I wanted to drive around a bit with the Vespa on the next day.

My Vespa at the Smiling Frog

Yes I told you that it is problematic to drive around with a dead STNK. But I really wanted to drive around at the next day and took the risk of getting caught.

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