The Touri-Day in Delhi

Despite my tiredness due to long journey from Germany I was able to wake up quite early yesterday. I am having right now a lovely breakfast in the the Madan Cafe in Pahar Ganj. I have a nice Delhi Breakfast which consists of an omelette, some slices of toast and a delicious Chai. The costs about 140 Rupees which is a good price.

After having yesterday my breakfast I decided to take the Metro Line 2 of Delhi in direction of the India Gate. Using the Metro in Delhi is quite convenient because you don’t have to bargain since there are fixed prices.


I left the Metro at the “Mandi House” station and walked the rest of the way to the India Gate. The India Gate is a small oasis in Delhi since there are no cars allowed. Therefore it’s quite silent around – no bells, no car engine sounds just people. The only thing that is sometimes annoying are the Tourist-Vallas that are trying to sell you souvenirs for the “best” price you could imagine ;).


Arriving at the India Gate made me also to some kind of bigger attraction than the India Gate for the Indian visitors. Many Indian people which were just watching the India Gate started to ask me to get a photo with me. Was somehow funny at the beginning but after too many started to ask me for a picture it was a bit annoying.

Leaving the India Gate behind me, I decided to discard my plans using the metro for visiting the Red Fort. Instead, I decided to take a Motor Rickshaw. After some minutes of bargaining I was able to get the ride for about 100 rupees. Probably still tree times more than the usual price but OK. The drive with the Rickshaw was quite nice since I was able to breathe the real Indian traffic for the first time. I filmed also a lot with my GoPro, so stay tuned for some upcoming videos on youtube. Driving around with the Rickshaw let you feel how intense the traffic of India is. Too many cars, million of different horns that are having a competition of which horn is louder. But also all the impression you get are amazing since every corner offers you new things, smells and more.


I arrived at the Red Fort after a drive of 45 minutes. I had to queue first for buying a ticket and since this is a quite huge tourist spot for internationals as well Indians, the queues are quite long. Lucky me, I got offered a ticket cheaper from an old American women which bought too many tickets. I bought the ticket for 120 Rupees instead of 250 and did not have to queue for about one hour. But having a ticket does not mean you are able to enter the fort fast. You have also to pass the security checks which consumes also a couple of minutes.


The Red Fort is a huge place within Delhi and its worth to visit it. It’s impressive that hundred of years ago Indian people were able to build such a huge wall and so many huge building. This place shows also how much power and money the ancient ruler had. Too bad was only that all the fountains were off since they were currently under construction.


After tree hours with a lot of sun at the Red Fort, I decided to take a Bicycle-Rickshaw for getting back to my Hostel in Pahar Ganj. The drive back was quite interesting since we passed Old-Delhi. Old-Delhi is full off small shops and markets that try to sell you some clothes, electronics, kitchen stuff or other things. Its quite crowded there because many people doing there their private purchases.

I also went out at night in Pahar Ganj with my camera doing some amazing long time exposure shots. Tomorrow I will leave Delhi behind me in order to visit the Taj Mahal.

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