Jaipur – The first relaxing place

The train had this time only a delay of 30 minutes which is almost a record for being “in time” for India. My ticket was this time for the AC/Chair Class and this was a good decision. It was not that cold and I was able to continue my sleep on the beginning of the journey.

Arriving in Jaipur means also to be finally in a more warmer region of India at this season. Rajasthan is really warmer then the north of India. I was also lucky too with the hostel. A clean and spacious room in a proper Hotel with room service for 350 Rupees.

I decided today to visit the Jantar Mantar which is a place containing 13 different astronomical instruments. Maybe “instrument” is the wrong word for them since they every one of them is more a building. Again, I had to pay the tourist entree fees same as in Agra. At least, this ticket is valid for two days and you are able to visit all important sight seeing spots without paying again. It’s therefore not that stressful as in Agra where you have only one day.


I left the Janta Mantar by foot for visiting the Pink City of Jaipur. I am totally used to all these people that want to sell you something. So they don’t disturb me anymore and I just ignore them automatically. It’s like a silent song that is running all the time – not your favorite music, but you can live on with it. India is much more fun and lovely when you’re used to it 😉



My small walk brought me also to the Hawa Mahal – a building that has around 900 windows. This enabled all the girls of the Maharadscha to follow the happenings on the street without being seen by other men.


Just watching the building is almost impossible since a lot of these Paschmina shops are around. The people of these shops want to sell their Paschmina (always with “good” quality) indeed. I decided to leave the place after around five minutes with the obligatory photos of me and the Hawa Mahal.


I decided to take a Motor Rickshaw back to the hotel after hours of walk around the city. Arriving at the hotel a decided to take a shower and finish some work on the Roof-Top of the Pearl-Palace.


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