My first solo trip is going to start

My first solo trip is starting soon and its going to for almost three weeks to India. I will provide you with information and tons of pictures about my journey. I’ll keep posting much as possible about the trip in order to make you able to follow all my steps.

My trip will start in Stuttgart with Turkish Airways. I will arrive in Delhi after about 12 hours with a small stop in Istanbul. The price of the flight was about 480 Euro – could be cheaper, but this was the most comfortable option without traveling 30 hours around the world.

The airport of Istanbul is not really friendly to digital nomads since. I could not find any place that offers free Wifi. All places only offered Wifi that was expensive as hell. The cheapest option was Starbucks by getting Wifi with the price of a Caffè Americano.


Currently I don’t have a concrete plan which places I am going to visit in India. I will decide this from day to day to be most flexible without any stress or time pressure. However, two places I am going to visit are already decided:

  • Delhi (starting- and endpoint)
  • Agra
  • Varanasi

Visiting Agra with its Taj Mahal is obviously a must-visit place when you travel to India. But I am going to stay there at maximum for two days before I head to Varanasi.

Varanasi with the Ganges river was always a place that fascinated by watching some documentations about India or my research before I’ve decided to do this trip. Varanasi got a solid spot on my bucket list of places that I want to visit.

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