One night in Delhi

Today was my flight from Varanasi to Delhi. I had a lot of time left before my departure which I used for finishing some jobs for Address-Base. Leaving Varanasi made me a bit sad since I had the feeling that there are still lots of more things to explore and more hidden charms. But that’s maybe the message of Varanasi: Please come again.


My departure was planned for 5pm and SpiceJet was as expected quite late. But never mind because I planned staying one night in Delhi. Due to my experiences I was well prepared for the scam of the Touri-Wallahs and I just took the Delhi-Metro in direction of the Main Bazar in New Delhi. The price of the Shuttle to the Delhi-Metro from the airport was only 40 Rupees.

Using the Metro is quite easy and without problems since the station is not far away from Pahar Ganj. The Metro is stopping on the other side of the New Delhi Train Station. You have to use the Bridge to pass all railways. There have been again some Fake-Officer that wanted to pull me into some of these “official” tourist informations. They asked me for my ticket for the text day and claimed that my ticket is for sure not valid.

Should this happen to you too in India – DONT believe anyone because they just want to sell you another one to make some money. It’s just scam!

Arriving in Pahar Ganj, I took just the cheapest Hostel around since it was only for one night. Cold shower again – but that felt unusual “normal” after staying in Varanasi.


Delhi is at night also quite interesting to explore. After 10pm the town starts to become quiet – unusual quiet. The most shops, restaurants or other things start to close. The night gives you the opportunity to pass by on streets which within 15 minutes which takes normally at day time about an hour. The streets are on the daytime full of traffic jams and quite busy.

But I didn’t have that much time for exploring the streets. I decided to just have a fast meal at the Madan Cafe and go to sleep quite soon.

The day will start tomorrow quite early at 5am. I have to catch the train to Jaipur.

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