Thailand again – This time with my Drone

This trip will bring me again to Thailand were I am invited to a wedding of a friend. I fly over a bit earlier in order to work remote some days from the capital of Thailand: Bangkok.

Directly after the wedding I will fly over to Indonesia were my old flat mate Simon will join me in Jakarta. In Indonesia we will do mixture of buying some furnitures, relaxing and working.

I also took my new toy – the DJI Phantom 3 Drone – with me. I carried it within my carry on luggage and was worried that there will be problems with it. Sine you can read so many (bad) things about carrying a drone with you on a plane. Luckily, the most bad things are just old or wrong. So there were no problems at all carrying the drone with me.

Only the securities in Stuttgart checked the drone out. But it appeared they were more privately interested into the drone itself then to the security aspects. Peking was more difficult, since they checked the capacity of the drone batteries multiple times before I was able to go trough the security check for the boarding. After explaining everything friendly there were no problems at all.

Further, you should plan with more waiting time then you expect on the Airport of Peking. The queues are managed in a horrific way and also the staff is sometimes not able to speak and understand some english words. So because they are confused or do not know about the right things, they lead you sometimes to the wrong queues or just let you re-queue because of no logical reason.


I could also feel the Great Firewall of China live in action. I tried to use Facebook or on the free Wifi of the airport. They were not working at all and the SSL-Connections are slow as hell. For the IT-Digital Nomads of us: SSH-Connections are working like a charm, so you’re able to get your things done.

The quality of Air China is bad as expected. Bad organized, bad English and the airplanes are in a bad condition. But for 450 Euro for going to Thailand/Indonesia I should not complain. But there was still a BUT since something happened to my luggage.

Arriving an Bangkok, 20 more people including me found out that their luggage is missing. The Baggage-Claim office was only helpful after talking many times and waiting for long. At the end they promised me to deliver my luggage to my hostel but they could not tell when it is arriving in Bangkok. So I just could hope having only a T-Shirt and some warm Jeans with me.

In Peking I’ve met Lena which I joined on the way to the metro in order to reach the area around the Khao San Road. She advised me a nice hostel where I am sitting right now. But I am feeling quite dirty right now since I have currently no cloths to change and I am using them now for over 48h hours. But I had a fresh shower – the 7/11 mini market helped me a lot 😉


After I am done with some important ToDos I will go to the Weekend-Market. The Weekend-Market is always awesome.

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