The Ambert Fort of Jaipur

My second day in Jaipur was reserved again for sightseeing and visiting ancient places of the city. I took a TukTuk after having a delicious breakfast on the Roof-Top Restaurant of the Pearl Palace Hotel. Bargaining was not easy today since all the driver next to the hotel wanted to have crazy prices.

While doing such doors my GoPro always accompanies me. I take the GoPro usually my monopod around with me. Especially using the GoPro with the head mount surprises all people around while walking on the street. Ok, thats nothing special since I am a tourist plus this GoPro. But many people don’t know that there are so small action cams and ask therefore what it is. But this will also change in the next years since the people getting more and more used to it.

We passed the Water Temple on the way to the Ambert Fort. Tourists are not allowed to enter but it’s still nice for a picture. I decided to visit the temple later since I wanted to spend much time as possible at the Ambert Fort.

The Ambert Fort is such a huge place. I did not expect that it is that big that you can spend hours there. It’s a masterpiece of work for that time when it was build. Because it was made from pure manpower without any engine powered machines or support. Additionally, the fort is in a great condition that you’re able to feel how it was when people lived there.


You just feel the megalomania of the Maharadschas from the ancient times when you enter the Ambert Fort. The entry area has the same size of a football field. You need to buy a ticket before you’re allowed to enter the main building which is decorated by great craftsmanship. Each window is decorated by detailed ornaments.


I decided after around three hours to go back to my Motor Rickshaw. We did a short stop at the Water Temple for making some nice photos. Having a driver made it possible to get some photos of myself. Traveling alone makes it not that easy to get photos of yourself if you don’t want to take a selfie-stick with you.

The driver convinced me to do a stop at the Monkey Temple for a small extra money. It’s really worth to visit the Monkey Temple of Jaipur especially in the afternoon when a monk starts to feed all the monkeys. The monkeys have quite fun to annoy the other animals around, for example one money gave it a try to ride a pig.




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