The Vespa is waiting – I am on the way to Bali

We started early this morning to go to the Jakarta International Airport by a Taxi. It is always a good idea to start before 7am. Later the same way will you cost for sure at minimum the double time. After 7am the city starts to wake up – the traffic and traffic jams as well.

I had to say good-bye to the funny street near the Thamrin City Mall where my hostel was located. As always nobody was awake at the reception at this time in the morning – so I just left the key on the table and “checked out”.


Jochen and Victor were already waiting for me next to the Thamrin City Mall inside an Express Taxi. These guys will first explore Flores and do some diving before we are gonna meet us again in Sumbawa. Unfortunately, I am not able to join them since my trip is not only for holiday and relaxing; I have still to work the same hours as in Germany. It is to uncertain that I will have the right Internet connection in Flores – I will test that next year.

A small highlight is my Vespa in Bali that is waiting for me. Luis of the Bene Asai Vespa Shop organized the Vespa beforehand for me and prepared it for my trip. I will pickup the Vespa today and do my first drive with it.

The Vespa is a Vespa Super 150 from 1975 with 150cc. It was originally build in Italy and then imported to Indonesia. For the people of you that are interested into Vespa and their technics, I have something for you: The VNC1T Manual.


The Vespa needs still some stuff, that I will need for fixing some small problems on my long trip to Sumbawa. For example I will need some spark plugs since the 40 years old engine has sometimes problems and make them dirty. I also need some tools to be able to replace the spark plugs. The Vespa does not mix the petrol with the oil itself, I have therefore to buy some extra 2T-Oil. Just for being save since Petrol is available everywhere.


On Friday I will start my tour from Bali over Lombok to Sumbawa. I have to look soon the estimated time I will need for this trip. I also have to check out the fairy times since my Vespa cannot swim ;).

My route is displayed in the following map. Google says that I will be there in about 9 hours. But thats too optimistic and I think it will be around 12-14hours since I did this trip before with a truck transporting some furnitures.

Route Bali Kuta nah Sumbawa Utan

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