Train ride to Lucknow and changing plans

Unfortunately, yesterday I was not able to write any blog post because the Hostel did not offer any free Wifi. But later more about this hostel in Lucknow.

I had to leave my hostel in Agra around 4:00am in the Morning, since my was planned to leave at 05:50am. On my arrival at the train station I found out that my train is about 5-6 hours late. Damn, knowing this before I could sleep 4-5 hours more at the hostel.


Luckily, one restaurant was already open at the railway station and I was able to get some protection from the cold wind. I was able to catch up some sleep after having a small breakfast. The sleep was not that comfortable because I head to sleep on a table in the restaurant. It was really cold this morning and I had to use my sleeping back for additional cold protection.



The train ride to Lucknow was a bit inconvenient cold, because I could not close the windows and a chilly wind passed trough the couch. Covering myself with my softshell jacket and my sleeping bag I was still freezing through the whole drive.

I bought, nevertheless the risk of getting my belly upset, some food from a peddler in the train and it was awesome delicious. We will see tomorrow if my belly is going to die.


After a ride of nine hours I finally arrived in Lucknow. Tree hours more than expected and with a delay of six hours – thats India. I had to look for another hostels because the original hostel I was looking for was booked out. I had to search two more hours for an alternative. This “luxury” Hotel that charged me “cheap” 1600 Rupees for one night did over nothing: No Internet, No Breakfast. I was really unhappy with the situation but at least I had place for sleep. That reminds me to buy soon as possible a Sim Card to be able to work with my laptop.


Lucknow seems be more developed than Agra and the people seem to be not that poor. I skipped the whole sightseeing because of my late arrival and decided to walk around at the evening. India is full of surprises – everywhere – so also walking around was quite interesting because I was able to see new things, smells and impressions.


You are able to find so many new things alone on a walk of 50 meters. Starting with a Motor Rickshaw repair shop, autoshop, some restaurants, barber shops until some doctors thats all you see just within 50 Meters. That’s the real India – full of smells, impressions, experiences, adventures and for sure a lot of cows everywhere.


I also decided to change the plans. I think its to cold for my equipment for going to Darjeeling. I leave Darjeeling for my next India trip – they will come for sure. I will extend my planned stay in Varanasi to about six days before I will fly back to Delhi. After staying just one day in Delhi I will go by train to some places in Rajasthan which should be more warm.

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early again since I have to catch my train for Varanasi. I hope the train won’t be that delayed as last time. I’ve booked this time an AC-Chair hoping it’s not that freezing as last time in the second sleeper class.

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