Varanasi – The morning boating and time to say goodbye

I had to wake up today very early since Patricia and me decided to do once the boating on the Ganges which starts at 6am. This is the right time shortly before the sun rises. Unfortunately, I was quite tired since I had to work yesterday long into the night.


The morning boating seems to be more nice on another season. The view wasn’t that good to enjoy the sunrise since it was quite foggy. But the fog also brought its own atmosphere to the Ganges River. Everything looks different and feels sleepy. At this time everything is going to start slowly and wakes up next to the river.


While a lots of people still sleeping begin other their morning bath in the Ganges. These people must be quite used to this completely polluted water. I think to take a bath in the Ganges River as a tourist is something you should not looking for. But it’s still unbelievable that so many people take their daily bath without having any problems. Maybe it just means: Whoever stay alive after a bath in the Ganges River, withstands almost everything in India.


Despite the fog, the boating was still nice and worth doing it. The only bad thing was these Chinese groups on their big boots using an engine and a loud tourist guide. Chinese tourists seem to see everything as an attraction since they were taking tons of pictures of us.

I went to bed for a short nap after the boating to catch up some sleep which I didn’t get because of my work. Later, Patricia and me planed to meet again for visiting an old Fort next on the other side of the Ganges River. The Fort can be reached by using an improvised bridge next to the Asi Ghat.

We found a nice Bicycle-Rickshaw after a short discussion with some Motor-Rickshaw drivers which claimed that the bridge is closed and the a highways has to be used. The way to the bridge was quite interesting since we passed a small neighborhood with playing kids and lots of more things. This was another new view of Varanasi. The people around here are really poor compared to the others in Old-Varanasi. Their living room is quite often the street where they also have their animals such as pigs or cows.

We also passed people that made pipes from a construction site to their temporary home by putting into them a bed. That’s not a long stay since if the construction continues they are also going to loose their “homes”.


We had to go down from the Rickshaw when we arrived on the temporary bridge. The Rickshaw Driver went with us in order to show us the way to the Fort. Only passing the bridge was quite interesting and an adventure. The bridge was barely repaired on many places. These repairs seem almost to break when a Motor-Rickshaw drove over them. Also cows used the bridge for their purposes to reach the other side of the Ganges River.


Unfortunately we were too late for visiting the Fort. It was closed when we arrived but it was still awesome to see from outside. We decided to go directly home and I had to say goodby since this was my last day in Varanasi.


I also decided to go out for a short shopping in the small alleys since this was my last day. I found quite fast some things on the colorful Bazars and bought a small bag for my tripod. My small backpack was sometimes also too big for just a camera and a tripod.

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